Thursday, 13 July 2017

Peaks and Troughs

Our lives are often full of peaks and troughs and it is therefore right that our literature should reflect the same contrasts.

July has been very much a month of peaks and troughs. My youngest son, Luke, not only qualified as a doctor and we were the proud parents at his graduation but he also got engaged to a lovely girl called Kelsey from America.

Note the lovely ring! That happened at the very end of June and then just a few days later, the graduation.

Just a picture of the South Bank Centre stage in London, I'm afraid as all the good pictures of Luke and Kelsey are official!

These events, of course, are highs, things to celebrate and enjoy. But then, just as we were getting ready to go to London for the graduation and a few days lovely break, I heard of the death of a dear friend and lovely lady of prayer. Of course, this too is a reason to celebrate in many ways, as we know she has gone to be with the Lord but also sad as we will miss her lovely singing voice and her commitment to prayer. She was always someone who would support and encourage others. Indeed, she came to my first book launch of 'Alpha Male' and was glad to buy a copy. What a privilege to have known such a person!

It got me to thinking, as I said earlier in our post, that our writing should reflect life. My first book, Alpha Male, had a happy ending and that's great. That kind of romance is real escapism which we all need from time to time. But 'Tarureka' which I am working on at the moment, one editor called too tragic. I make no apology for this. It is written in the early pioneering conditions of New Zealand. Life was hard, children died and tragedy happened. But like life, in all of this, my characters have their moments of celebration and joy.

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