Monday, 15 May 2017

Writing is my calling

I really should post here more often, although I hate to post when I have nothing useful or interesting to say!

I have just returned from an inspiring Lydia prayer conference. Lydia is an organisation of women and we meet to pray for this nation of the UK. I am also a writer as well as a praying woman, prayer is my God given responsibility, writing is my calling. I was inspired while away to read a post from one of my colleagues on the association of Christian writers talking about rejection and how it really hurts each and everyone of us at some time or other. Of course, this is true but I got to thinking about this and this is when I thought that as a Christian I am more than just a writer, this is my calling but I am also a spirit filled Christian. Therefore, although it still hurts I am able to rise above it because my writing isn't everything to me. God is.

I also have a real reason to be grateful today too. I have signed a contract with a publisher for my second book, Tarureka, a book about New Zealand in the nineteenth century and the first pioneers.
What a beautiful land and what a privilege to write about it. So, whether it is successful or not, it's still a privileged calling for which I am very thankful and I look forward to working on the book.