Monday, 16 January 2017

2017 New writing challenges and successes

This year has started well for my writing. I have joined James Prescott (Association of Christian Writer's friend) both to review his forthcoming book and to be challenged by him to write every day. Go to to sign up. Anyway, it has helped me to get into a pattern of writing every day even when I've been at work. Although, having said that, there were two days during the six when I had to cry off due to busyness but at least one was a Sunday when I rarely write anyway. And, Angus, my husband was away most of that week and my commitments were few, also a bonus. So a good discipline but like all disciplines, there is a need to give oneself a break when life marches in and circumstances overtake.

The second bit of news to share, is the publication of a worship anthology of poetry which features both current and past poets, the anthology is called 'Stones before the Ocean' and is edited by Dan Gilbert. It can be viewed at  - please view my contributions on pages 114 (just after a poem by Charles Wesley) and on 173 (just after G.K.Chesterton). It can also be purchased from the US at but unfortunately at an exorbitant price of over £12 when postage is included. I got an earlier copy which was just over £8 with postage included but the price has obviously risen in the last week! Please do have a look if you have the time. These are my first published poems and it's amazing to be in such illustrious company!

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