Wednesday, 16 November 2016

NaNoWrimo and busyness

NaNoWrimo or write 50,000 words for November is a great concept. Great, that is, if we don't beat ourselves up about it as I have been doing.

Writing 50,000 words in one month is a tall order for most of us in any month, excepting for those lucky writers who can write as a full time job. But even they must be distracted by the everyday trifles of life, like getting meals, shopping, exercise, washing, children etc etc. But for those of us who earn very little through our writing and have to work hard in November to earn some extra cash for Christmas, it can be a rod to beat ourselves with rather than an inspiration. But that's silly. We should be practical and just try to attempt what is physically possible. After all, surely writing is about enjoying the craft and not feeling guilty if you can't?

It reminds me of the advice to the Christian too, to spend sometime each day reading and reflecting on the bible to inspire and help you. Also good advice. This practical advice though, when time is short is to just select one thought or passage to inspire. Perhaps the writer could do something similar in being advised to write each day to perfect the craft? Maybe just write one or two words or sentences? Perhaps 50,000 words indeed but maybe just do the best you can. After all, each step is progress isn't it? And all things considered I'm really enjoying writing my second novel 'Tarureka'.

I would like to pose a further suggestion to  NaNoWrimo. What about changing the month to say January or February? These are cold, dull and thankless months when there are few classes and few reasons to feel cheerful. Surely writing would lend the writer some real excitement as he/she gets immersed in their characters and story-line?  Well, it's something to think about isn't it?

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