Friday, 1 July 2016

Promotion and Perseverance

We saw this horse and his carriage in M'dina, in Malta, also called the silent city. It was a hot day and we felt sorry for this horse having to cart around people all day long on sight-seeing trips. What for him was a hard duty would be for them a pleasurable experience.

Sometimes at times book promotion seems like that. Trying to get people interested in your book and then when having read it to post up a review. It is hard work and at times feel like a duty. Yet, it's not all so. I'm sure for the horse there will be some moments of joy - when he receives a treat from a grateful tourist, or from his driver, a rest in the shade (as in the picture) etc

Then there are the moments like this -:

When you emerge into the daylight suddenly to feel inspired and know the journey has been all worthwhile. I felt a little like this yesterday when a friend, who runs a bookshop, told me that she had enjoyed 'Alpha Male' and wanted to order another 6 copies to sell in her shop. Result!!

Yes, advertising your book and promoting it is a bit of a roller-coaster but very worthwhile if you believe in what you have written which I do. Now I have to look forward to my launch party next week. Exciting stuff!!

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