Wednesday, 27 July 2016

How to do a radio interview

Radio interviews. An important part of book promotion but does it fill you with dread? It did me, especially as my first one was live on air, even though it was just after 7am in the morning and few people were probably listening! I discovered that it's much easier to interview someone than to be interviewed. Still I managed, I think to get my main points across about my book, Alpha Male, and at least tell the listeners how to get hold of a copy - the most important thing! from 1:08

However, since then I realise that I was a little thrown by some of the questions of the interviewer and perhaps the early hour, so its a good thing to be prepared for whatever is thrown at you. I did do some preparation but maybe not enough. I would like to share with you some good tips I've learnt from fellow writer and journalist, Amy Boucher Pye. 
Here is a link to her radio interview tips. Very good advice it is too.

Thanks, Amy for letting me use this link. I will need to look back at it a few times I think. But I'm glad to say that the next radio interview is a recorded one which can easily be edited - local Corinium Radio in Circencester. 

I would also like to mention Amy's book 'Finding myself in Britain', an American making herself at home here in the UK.Which can be ordered straight from her website

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Book Launch opportunities

Well, after a hard period of trying to promote and push my book without becoming obsessive or boring, the opportunities have started flowing in! Yes, after a successful book launch party last weekend which included the sale of more than £100 pounds worth of books, I now move on to the opening up of other opportunities. The first of these is two slots to promote my book live on local radio. The first is to be this coming Sunday (17 July) at 7am or just after. Yes, that early but a chance not to be missed, however scary. The second is a pre-recorded session on Corinium radio in Circencester, which is a good opportunity because it is a new area altogether. Then I have a chance to take my book around my own writing groups - local Christian writers group (ACW) and my U3A group as well as visiting our local independent bookshop where I have a writing session booked. I hope they will take a few copies here, as a bookshop in Bourton-on-the-Water, has already ordered six copies. Although its great having books online on Amazon, it's also good to get them to a wider audience which isn't online or may not see my book there. And having worked in bookshops over a number of years, they are a really good window on writing and I hope will continue to be so.

In addition it's wise to grab all online opportunities to promote, this is also a valuable showcase. This week I have taken up a Facebook promotion - not sure if that just reaches existing people or creates more - and have a promotion starting with a company at the end of this week who will tweet my book etc. All different ways to re-invent the wheel or should I say book? 

Friday, 1 July 2016

Promotion and Perseverance

We saw this horse and his carriage in M'dina, in Malta, also called the silent city. It was a hot day and we felt sorry for this horse having to cart around people all day long on sight-seeing trips. What for him was a hard duty would be for them a pleasurable experience.

Sometimes at times book promotion seems like that. Trying to get people interested in your book and then when having read it to post up a review. It is hard work and at times feel like a duty. Yet, it's not all so. I'm sure for the horse there will be some moments of joy - when he receives a treat from a grateful tourist, or from his driver, a rest in the shade (as in the picture) etc

Then there are the moments like this -:

When you emerge into the daylight suddenly to feel inspired and know the journey has been all worthwhile. I felt a little like this yesterday when a friend, who runs a bookshop, told me that she had enjoyed 'Alpha Male' and wanted to order another 6 copies to sell in her shop. Result!!

Yes, advertising your book and promoting it is a bit of a roller-coaster but very worthwhile if you believe in what you have written which I do. Now I have to look forward to my launch party next week. Exciting stuff!!