Monday, 23 May 2016

'Alpha Male' publication day. Hoorah!!

Well, it's here at last! After 7 years on and off of writing and then another 2 in the hands of a publisher where it went nowhere, at last, with the help of Creative Gateway, my book is self-published by Amazon.

It has been a tough week leading up to this though. With tooth and jaw problems to start with followed by a stomach bug and technology issues with publishing that have nearly made me give up but we have fought through and got there!! It only shows that as an ashamedly Christian book in which the hero becomes a Christian at the end of the book, that there is bound to be some opposition but it's going to be worth it. There aren't many Christian Chick-Lit books, especially in the UK but hopefully this might go somewhere to change that factor.

Can the pretty catwalk blonde find romance at church? Why not? Read it for yourself and see.