Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Persevering against the odds

I have just finished reading the well-known book 'I am Malala' about a young girl persevering against huge odds and opposition.

Her brave fight for education for all, especially girls, led to her being shot by the Taliban but even then she didn't lose sight of her true cause to campaign for education for all. It's amazing what just one small person can do in the world with determination.

I'm not fighting against the huge odds that Malala had to. But I am struggling in my fight to get my novella self-published because I believe in its message and I am determined to persevere with it. To date I have had to negotiate the best deal I can to use the words of a song and pay the copyright fees due to the writer of that song, so honouring him. Now, I am struggling to get the right book cover which is one of the key features of any book, e-book or print. The artist I was originally working with has found the project too overwhelming for her at this moment in time and so now I have to find someone else and pray for inspiration.

My campaign is not as important as Malala's and not a fight that will lead to me being seriously wounded. However, I do believe in the message of my book and the power of the written word to change our ways of thinking and so I persevere because just one person or one book can make a difference.