Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Year to shine. Yes, I think all of us writers hope that this year will be our year to shine. This is indeed the year when I am hoping to finally publish my 30,000 word novella, 'The Alpha Male'. This short long story has been, in its various forms and guises, nearly twenty years in the writing, believe it or not. Its gone through changes of story and character. The only factor to remain constant has been the hero. He still remains gloriously and romantically the same, because editors have said "he works".

Now I am into the final processes -

  • Designing the cover. Not me, no, that would be a definite no-brainer. I am seeking the services of an artist and designer and have a few in mind. 
  • Gaining copyright to use the words of a song inserted in the text. This is more complex than I had imagined. Firstly it took me a number of weeks to actually find the right people to ask. Once I had, the process has moved very quickly and efficiently. Now my problem with such a small book is the demand for a separate fee for both printed and e-book. Whereas I fully support the songwriter's need to obtain his copyright fees, the writer also needs to watch his/her own back and not be stung for unnecessary expenses. I am hoping to negotiate one fee to cover all, especially with such a short book. I might feel differently if it was a full-length novel. 

All these different concerns part of the process in birthing a book.

I hope these thoughts and experiences might help and encourage some of the followers of my blog. I wish you all in 2016 a chance to shine in some way, however small or large. All your efforts are worthwhile to God. Happy New Year.