Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Treats and Challenges

It's lovely when we receive treats isn't it? My recent holiday in Crete started with a massive treat, one of the nicest things my husband, Angus has ever done. We arrived in our hotel to an upgrade, look how happy it made me!

Not only the vase of roses and  bottle of champagne pictured but also a bowl of fresh fruit, sweets and a bottle of wine. We'd probably consumed most of them by the time we took this picture.

Sometimes we think golden days of sunshine, beaches and leisure will last forever but sadly we have to go home and reality sets in again. This time it's cold UK rainy weather to boot. Although we can't change the weather, we can change some things.

I'm currently feeling pretty discouraged about my writing. Waiting on one article, unable to place another amazing charity topic and trying to negotiate my way through a pretty 'sticky' contract for my novella. Well, I say, negotiate, it's not even really that, it's 'do it my way or not at all' when 'my way' is going mostly 'their way'. However, the alternatives seem even bleaker with self-publishing an expensive option when you need a good proof reader which has recently been acknowledged on my writing group on Facebook  www.christianwriter.org.uk Is it a case of 'publish and be damned' or not publish at all. 'To be or not to be', that is Hamlet's question and at this moment in time mine also. Thanks for reading.