Friday, 15 May 2015

Writing Articles

This Sunday (17 May) is a chance for us all to think about the media.

With all the phone hacking scandals the media hasn't made a good name for itself recently. But on the more positive side, journalists and broadcasters risk their lives in war zones and disaster areas to bring us the most up to date news. If they didn't I'm sure we would all miss their input. As Christians, this information can be invaluable for helping us to know how to pray.

Paul Arnold of media net, implores us to pray for the media in church this weekend Think about supporting them. They want 100 people to sign up to pray.

I hope to have my novella published later this year but the writing I've really cut my teeth on and that's given me the most success, is article writing. From news stories to interviews, features and advertorials, God has opened up a way for me to shine. What a great forum for Christians too. If you become a trusted, established writer there is even a chance that you might be given the honour of a column where you might be able to show a more personal viewpoint. A fantastic opportunity to show a more positive side to the media.

Although I have had hundreds of articles published since qualifying as a journalist in 2002, this year has been the first in which I have been commissioned to write a feature article for Cotswold Life magazine, part of the archant group. The article to be published this July is about the youngest brother of Antarctic explorer, Edward Wilson, Jim Wilson, a priest and a communist! Exciting and interesting stuff. Exciting too to appear in a magazine alongside broadcaster Monty Don and local chef, Robert Rees.I thank God for the opportunity.

So do spare a thought and prayer for the press and broadcasting journalists this weekend. There are many Christians in the media all striving to make a difference and make their positive voices heard. Thank you.