Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Immeasurably More.

Immeasurably more was the title of this year's Spring Harvest celebration at Butlin's,Minehead.

Immeasurably more of what? Of God. We can never have too much of his majesty, glory or awesome power. The God most people don't want to believe in, is too small. No wonder they don't want to believe in the organised God of religion, the God who has lost our sense of wonder. Yet, in fact, he is really greater, bigger, stronger than we could ever imagine.

Creation itself shouts out the evidence of a creator. Even if we think that creation started with a big bang, what could have made the bang, set everything in motion, especially with the complexity and complete pattern of everything slotting in together?

Then the human body, who can explain the complexities of that, how everything has a place, a purpose etc? And yet the Bible gives us to believe that such a great God cares about each and everyone of us.

"When I consider the heavens, the work of your hands,
The moon and the stars, which you have created;
What is man that you should care for him?"

(Psalm 8 verses 3,4)

I felt so inspired by this and the week away that after reading an article in the paper one day, I wrote this poem -:

Embraced by Love
I read the paper today about a couple
who lay dying, locked in one another’s arms
shot by intruder’s gun but connected by embrace
feeling the strength of their love.

I am connected to you the same,
feeling the strength of your love, not fearing
the violation, intrusion, or thief breaking in to steal,
he only reveals to me that you are the only place
to come when heat breaks in and burns
threatens to overturn my world, then I turn to you.
My roots go down deep into the soil of your love
marinated and sustained in you, both now

and forever more.

Thank you, God, that you are immeasurably more than we can ever think or imagine (Romans 3 verse 20) and that you can set us free to create more than we could ever think or imagine possible because we have been created in your image. It's worth pondering on this truth in our writing.


  1. Oh yes, Lord, expand my capacity to know You and effectively make what I come to know, known. Thanks for this encouragement!

  2. Thanks, Kirsty, much appreciated.