Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Fresh shoots of inspiration

March brings with it fresh shoots of green and new life and it has felt the same with my writing.

Last weekend, after re-joining the Christian Writers Association, I went to one of the first days of their meetings I have been to in a while. I found it very inspiring.

Firstly the location was good for me. Not London all the time, this one was in the Midlands, Birmingham to be precise - a short train journey for me and the shopping is as good as London - well nearly anyway. Also, one of the main writers to feature on the day was Fiona Harper (Loakes) www.fionaharper.com. How strange that she should also be a member of the Romantic Novelists Association, a writing association that I have recently decided to leave, unfortunately. But I found it so inspiring to hear from a writer who could write for romance publisher, Mills and Boon, and still manage to do so as a Christian keeping the bedroom door very firmly shut. I believe that romance thrives all the more with this more Christian and respectful take on it. It certainly worked for Jane Austen who has a following of millions the world over.The RNA is a fantastic organisation that helps many new writers find publication but what a pity that they fail to get the 'Christian' idea of romance, almost aka 'Barbara Cartland' but it does still work for many, as Fiona was able to show. Well done Fiona, I feel inspired to continue to write Christian romance, be it contemporary or historical. On that front, I await the exciting news that my novella 'the Alpha Male' is due to be published this summer. I look forward to that with anticipation.