Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Life is short, mind the minutes

As the New Year begins I am painfully aware of the words in the image - Life is short - having just attended the funeral of a young man aged just 22-years, killed while out on his bicycle just before Christmas. A young man who was a marvellous singer and composer and had produced a CD of his music aged just thirteen years and a book about his cycling trip a few years later. As one of the clergy said: 'the brightest lights often burn out the quickest.'

How true that is and yet his life, his potential were cut short. We may not all be as gifted as James was but we can all mind the minutes this year and try to live to achieve our full potential be our life short or long.

I want to use this year well. To write well, work well and most importantly love well, even if, as we were reminded to love is often painful. Jesus' love took him all the way to the cross but his life was a life fulfilled even though he only had thirty or so years.

God help me this year to try and fulfil all that you have in mind for me to do. Amen.


  1. Hello - Your blog came up in my search for Dr. Jember of Addis, Ethiopia. Do you have a current web site for her organization? I was there with here 2 years ago and would like to contact her but the old website keeps taking me to a site in Japanese???? Any help would be greatly appreciated. My email address is - I live near Chicago, IL in the US.