Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Lessons from the masters

Watched the film about Alan Turing at the weekend, 'the Imitation Game' with Benedict Cumberbatch. Great film. What I didn't realise though was just how long it took him and the team to eventually create a successful machine that would break the Enigma Code. It gave me renewed hope.

At one point in the film the authorities want to destroy Turing's machine and make him redundant having lost confidence in his ability to produce anything and this was one of the greatest mathematical brains ever!

It got me to thinking that if Turing with all his knowledge and ability was doubted then we, as writers must also expect to be doubted at times, rejected and not believed in. But like Turing we must not give up. Even if, as I read this morning, the market is flooded with e-books making it even less likely for the newcomer to self-publish and the established publishers are reluctant to take on new authors, we must persist. Even just to enjoy what we write. We just need to believe in ourselves and our writing. Thank you Neil Ostroff for this post http://neilostroff.blogspot.com

Nico Rosberg fought hard to win the F1 championship all year only to be beaten in the key race by mechanical failures. How discouraging! But like a gentleman he went to congratulate our British champion, Lewis Hamilton and wish him well. He vows to be back again next year to resume the championship race. Never giving up, believing in yourself and keep on going.