Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Soldiering on

What happens after rejection? We spend time licking our wounds and feeling sorry for ourselves but it shouldn't end there. A very good writing friend and published author, Clare Blake, has convinced me of that and if that wasn't enough I opened the book she gave me to inspire my writing -'A Novel in a Year' by Louise Doughty, and find similar advice.

"It is very, very hard, but in the early stages you have to soldier on without a pat on the back from anyone" LD

Yes, bad reviews, such as the one I received do hurt but they are always subjective. Although my reader has suggested practical ways to improve my writing which are helpful, it is very clear that she doesn't like my book. But she maybe wrong. People were about J K Rowling's 'Harry Potter' at first. There is hope. I am going to make the necessary changes and continue to write the story because it is a story I want to write.

Encouragement of my writing too has come from having another recipe published and another cheque on the way. You can read my biscuit recipe at Facebook/myfavouriterecipes  and sample my New Zealand 'Afghan Biscuits'. Just a small encouragement for me to keep on writing. Thanks for reading too.

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