Tuesday, 10 June 2014

On the journey part 1

On Sunday 8 June my husband and two sons began their 990 bike ride from Land's End to John O' Groats. Now in order to even have a chance of completing such a mammoth challenge they had to practice on and off for months. The same as any sporting event. But it's also the same as writing. While they're away, I have the challenge set me to edit my novel ready to send the manuscript off. But like my family I can't just edit something that I haven't spent time preparing i.e. writing. If I didn't have a product to edit I couldn't edit.

The other thing you face with a big challenge is obstacles - punctures, illness, accidents, bicycle parts failure etc. Writers also face obstacles. Sitting down today for my first full day of editing I am held back by the congestion of a cold. That congestion takes it form in me in severe ear pains. Writer's block becomes ear block. Ouch! But undaunted we have to press on through these challenges by addresses the problems e.g. repairing the bicycle or in my case having an inhalation which has largely dealt with the problem. 

Having been very remiss in writing up my blog for the last two months, you might be hearing rather more from me over the next month as I track my family's progress and relate their adventurers to mine as a writer. I hope you enjoy the journey. 

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