Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Writing to Cook

For a few years now I've dreamed of combining my love of cooking with my love of writing but nothing's happened. This is in spite of the great find - well I think so anyway - of Alison Holst's Marvellous Muffins(NZ's answer to Delia Smith)  at a time in the UK when savoury muffins where almost unheard of, this never happened as a UK market venture (maybe I didn't know the best places to look).

Then I went to a great seminar on cookery writing at the Cheltenham Literature Festival a few years ago. The lady taking the seminar encouraged me and said a had a good writing style for the market. Still nothing.

Then I discovered Bauer Publishing's 'Take a Break: your recipes' and submitted one. In doing so, I discovered that writing down a recipe isn't as easy as you imagine. You may have cooked or baked a dish loads of times yourself and because of that you take so many details of the recipe for granted. However, when writing that same recipe down for others to follow you have to be so specific in your details that I had to rewrite my submission a couple of times. However, it was all worth it in the end. I'm finally a published recipe writer with £25 to show for it. Not a great amount of money but the satisfaction of finally combining my cookery and writing together is the real pleasure + publication by a big publishing company. Thank you God for helping me to realise my dream at last!

You can find their recipes magazines in WH Smith's on the high street for only £1 or go to their website at www.takeabreak.co.uk/my favouriterecipes or follow their facebook page at www.facebook.com/myfavouriterecipes

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  1. It's fantastic to get that breakthrough into a different market. Another string to your bow! Congratulations.