Thursday, 14 March 2013

Retries and Races

Cheltenham and the 2013 Races

Race week 2013 is in full swing in Cheltenham at the moment with all the fever of excitement and anticipation and as you can see I love it too. The well-known jump jockey, Ruby Walsh won three races and that was just on the first day! But I wonder how he felt when he began or like Sam Twiston-Davies, who won his first professional race this year? Perhaps the buzz never leaves you, although it must have lessened somewhat for Ruby.

Last weekend I went to a day conference and heard an American Christian speaker called Robbie Dawkins talk about failure and not being afraid of it. He said that most of the people listed in the Bible were considered failures but they didn't give up. We need to keep going with whatever we do with the same determination, not afraid to have another go if it doesn't work the first time. In fact most writers will tell you that rejection is part of the package that makes you a writer. Sometimes you get a good commission and are well paid for it and sometimes you don't. Sometimes that novel/novella is a success and sometimes it's just a stepping stone to future success but the key is to persist and not give up. Maybe there were days at the beginning of Ruby Walsh's career when he felt like giving up but look at him now at the very top of his profession. We can't all be the Ruby Walsh's of the writing world though but we can keep trying and get back on our horse or back to our pen even when everything in us feels sore and defeated.

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