Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lessons from a rally

Last Saturday my husband, Angus and I went to the Wyedean Rally in the Forest of Dean. This old car reminds me a little of our lives as writers, we often get battered and bruised and even lose our lights for a time (notice his offside light) but we press on undaunted. The conditions can even be bad and slippery but why give in when this is some thing you've trained for?

The main thing is just to keep on going as this car  is.  We had a thoroughly great day  in the end all be it a very wet and muddy one. We all returned home a muddy shade of brown even the dog! With so much rainfall of late the track was quite treacherous but this didn't put the drivers off. They persisted even though only 85 completed the 7 stages out of the 151 starters. Surely this is a lesson to us all?

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