Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Being thankful

At last after eight weeks of virtually camping out in the rest of the house the kitchen is completed and how thankful it makes you feel. Last Wednesday the final vinyl flooring was fitted and the machines moved back. We could always use the fridge/freezer and tumble drier in the dining room but having the washing machine back is a whole new experience. For eight weeks my husband and I have been virtual 'washing nomads', that is to say, drifting from house to house and friend to friend whenever we were invited out to bring our washing with us. It certainly makes you grateful for friends but also makes you feel a bit of a burden to others. So much easier to give than receive in many ways. But what about those who have nothing, not even running water? Do they feel a burden to have to be constantly asking for things? We forget in the privileged western world just how much we take for granted like washing machines and running water.

As writers too don't we stress out on the little things of life, like whether or not we will ever get published or if we do who will ever read our book? We must just trust that if it's good enough to be published then it will demonstrate it's own value. If our writing helps or changes just one life then surely it will have done it's job. Alright it's not the way to get rich quick but it is a way to make a difference which is more important. Anyway, regarding money, most of us (not all in this country but most) don't have to struggle for the basics of life like food and water and surely that's reason enough to be thankful isn't it?


  1. I agree with you that even if our work is only read by a few, but it helps them in some way, then it is worth it. In the words of Tesco, 'Every little helps.' I feel that as a writer, I have a duty to use my voice to help the voiceless, and then make an effort to get the message out there. That's why I love blogging and tweeting.
    Hopefully it will be easier to concentrate now that you have your kitchen back!

  2. Some wise words! Looks like some good has come out of the frustrations of getting the kitchen done....