Tuesday, 23 October 2012

New Media, new message

I've just returned this last weekend (20 Oct) from a New Media Conference run by Premier Radio in London. www.premier.org.uk

It was very inspiring and taught me so much about harnessing the new technologies to our advantage in getting our message out there. Mind you, I did feel a little of a dinosaur too as I sat there listening to the speakers and taking down their messages with pen and paper! A lot of the conference attendees were young and had no thought of using pen and paper but instead sat there note taking with their laptops, i pads  i phones etc balanced on their knees. Not only that but also there was a continuous tweet forum going on which I was on the outside of. I still don't get the constant messages connected with any form of pickles... Don't even like the things.

However, now I'm going to prove to you all how well I can blog, follow Facebook and Twitter and even use the hash tag!

This is all good stuff but the one danger is that we forget how to communicate with each other face to face. After all, I can  tweet you, FB you, blog, email you etc but have you seen my facial expression or read my body language recently...!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Making a difference

I have had a very inspiring weekend hearing an update about her project from Ethiopian lady, Jember Teferra, who works amongst the poorest of the poor in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

My first photo shows her with our vicar, Ashley, in a rare pose with a smile. Jember has made an amazing difference in so many people's lives but for all that she is a very humble, diminutive figure who is reluctant to be photographed at any time. But she has spent her energy over many years bringing worth and dignity to a people suffering from poor sanitation, inadequate housing, poor education, little food and with very few means of helping themselves.

She has helped to provide the means by training up the people, funding their businesses and so enabling them to help themselves. She has transformed the lives of thousands in this way but in a city of more than four million there is still a long way to go as my next photo shows - this is an area before Jember has helped to renovate it.

I thoroughly recommend the project http://www.iha-udp.org. Why don't you take a look? I have written a number of articles about Jember and the project in various magazines and in our local paper. It seems little compared with what she has done but it does help to spread the word.