Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Guest Blog - Christopher Lee Power (Actor)

Christopher Lee Power is an inspiration to many of us who feel that we will never succeed as the odds are stacked against us. Born in a family of entertainers he feels that acting was probably in his blood. However, suffering the restrictions of poverty and a speech impediment, Christopher rebelled against authority and followed a gang culture that took him in and out of juvenile courts. Leaving school without any qualifications he was enabled through a helpful tutor to train as an actor and gain a diploma in acting. Playing various character roles gave Christopher an outlet through which he could release all his inner frustrations and angers.

His latest role is playing a famous local based hero from the Wirral, the first world war poet, Wilfred Owen. The play is written by Dean Johnson and filmed by ITV's director, Gordon Hill.
This film has now been converted into a stage show which is about to tour Britain. For times and venues please see www.wilfredowenstory.com

We have all been inspired recently by the many athletes from all over the world who have achieved a great deal by just being selected for the Olympics whether or not they received a medal. But Christopher's story is testament to the fact that it isn't just athletes that have inspiring stories we can each have our own given the right opportunities and at the end of the day lots of sheer hard work and determination.


  1. I quite agree. I began writing as a form of catharsis and ended up writing novels. It freed me from the anger that could have ensued. There are so many people who can inspire us in all walks of life. Great story - thanks Sheila.