Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympic inspiration

Whether a great sport's fan or not, everyone can be inspired by the Olympics. Each of the athletes taking part have been chosen by their nation to take part out on account of their proficiency or merit. They may not all win a medal but they are the best of the best regardless of that. I will never forget listening to a young man give the speech preceding the Cambridge/Oxford boat race last April. He was part of a Cambridge team that didn't win and received no accolades. But his simple and yet brave words were inspiring 'its not the winning that important but the taking part'. How true that is for the athletes and for all of us. There is so much emphasis on 'winning' these days. But in the end it's the hard work that really counts. Every athlete has worked hard to win their place in the games and were chosen to participate regardless of whether or not they win a medal. As a Christian I believe that each and every one of us was chosen by God whatever we do. We all have to take our part in life and work hard to achieve our very best at what we do whether or not that best is ever recognised by a accolade. Or as in the case of a writer by publication. Success was never won in a moment or lightly.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Spent last week at Silverstone, British Grand Prix, amazing time but there is a lesson to be learnt here, yes, even from Motor racing and that is one of perseverance. The drivers and events kept going in spite of conditions as this photo is evidence of. So many events have been cancelled up and down the country because of the freak weather conditions but not the Grand Prix. I suppose you could be sarcastic and say that the drivers are handsomely rewarded for their persistence but it still takes a certain skill to drive in these sort of conditions even if the remunerations are rather overstated.

Writing also takes a certain skill and persistence even if the remunerations on this front aren't so great - mind you, you might easily question whether they're quite as good for the rest of motor sport or these guys aren't just the JK Rowlings of their craft? Maybe the weather isn't such a driving force for us, although gloomy weather can result in a gloomy uninspired writer. However, perhaps it is persisting when the weather is gloomy or the writer feels gloomy, uncreative and just plain fed-up. I know that feeling well. I feel it now. Will my writing ever see the light of day or really matter to anyone else? Who knows? But like those F1 drivers I'm going to push on through the rain and hope for a dry race on the day which was what they got. God willing maybe the book I'm writing at the moment will see have a final successful day too. I hope and pray so.