Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The way from here.

I read a magazine article recently about the remarkableness of an ordinary life. I have been thinking a little bit about that today.
I was remembering back a few years ago when I wrote my first article (never published) about the poet, Brian Patten and consequently ended up driving him back to the railway station. It was here that my Irish side showed itself (my Grandmother was Irish) when I declared that I knew the way there just not from the middle of town where we were! The situation wasn't helped by my son who was 8 at the time and was bouncing up and down in the back of the car at the same time demanding to know if Brian knew the footballer, Michael Owen. Suffice it to say we did get there but I've never seen anyone move so fast when we did!
It can often feel like that with our lives though, I could have done so much if I hadn't started from here. We hanker back to what we could have done if we hadn't made the decisions we did or even married the person we did and become the person we are. But in order to go on from where we are we have to start from here. We may feel that we live very ordinary unremarkable lives but just a kind word, or a lift to somewhere for a friend or even writing that book which might help or inspire someone else really can make a difference even though it may not seem that much to you.

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