Monday, 16 April 2012

Inspiration from 'Tea at Sam's'.

I have just finished reading a book written by a friend of mine, Sue Cross. The book is titled ‘Tea at Sam’s’ and features the stories of three expatriate women whose lives become entwined together as they meet at a local art class and then go on to arrange to meet over a cup of tea at Sam’s or Samantha’s place.

But the meeting becomes symbolic for them all and more than just a cup of tea but a meeting of lives and a new start for them all.
Sue has attempted a very difficult task as a new writer, that of combining a number of different stories into one.  Well done Sue for attempting a such a daunting task and aiming high. Her characterisation is fantastic and she clearly understands the expatriate life completely with her firsthand experience.
I am left feeling a little over awed by this as a first book. I’m not sure if I can aspire to write even half as well and cannot imagine attempting such a difficult plot with so few problems. I recommend a read and look forward to more from the pen of this writer who has taught me so much. Thanks Sue.

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  1. Thank YOU, Sheila. Your posting has really cheered me up and encouraged me to keep on writing. I't funny how we writers so often struggle with confidence. I will endeavour to finish the sequel! Be blessed as you too progress along this often challenging path. Sue Cross xx