Thursday, 19 January 2012

The year of the book!

Feeling really buoyed up and excited at the moment all because of  'It started with a kiss'. Well, not exactly because I've had a phantom kisser lately (you'll have to read Miranda Dickinson's book to find out what I mean) but because she's inspired me to have my year of the book just as she has her year of the quest to track down her PK.
Yes, decided to write my first seriously long (not novella) book and my first historical. Started on the research to find out about my first family settlers in New Zealand with a bit of fear and trepidation to be honest. Not sure if I was cut out to be excited by research in the first place, although had an idea I might be with my life long interest in history and especially family history, and frankly I'm loving it. Particularly as I've been overwhelmed by the help and leads I've had thus far from my NZ relatives - it also helps that some family members have written long family histories and researched family trees which has given me a first class starting place. But I'm so excited really as I take it to be God's green light for me that I am barking up the right tree this time. Earlier in the year I had been so frustrated to find that a seed of an idea I'd had to write a novel about Katherine Parr - local to here - had been spot on. This idea had stayed with me all through the summer only then to find this is her 500th anniversary and a local telly programme is to be made of her. My book would now be almost too late, a real 'missing the boat' opportunity. Mind you, of course the boat could have capsized like the Costa Concordia, you never know. My present book might also 'miss the mark' but I'm going to give it my very best shot first, wouldn't want to put all this help and time spent on my behalf to waste, now would I?
Next stop NZ for personal follow-up. Good excuse anyhow.

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