Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year reflections

This must be my first New Year away from my husband since our marriage. He's up in the North-East looking after his invalid Mother still recovering from a broken hip and I'm at home with my invalid son recovering from a badly broken arm sustained just after Christmas! What a strange last few months our family have had.
Feeling a little down yesterday again reflecting on just what I've done in my life to make a real difference in the world. But then last night watched a Christian film called 'What if' with my son and am so glad I did. It changed my perspective on my life. The chap, Ben Walker was given a chance to re-live part of his life again  'with God' rather than 'without'. Instead of being a wealthy businessman for whom money was everything he had a chance to re-live his life when he had been going to marry his girlfriend and go into the ministry. Basically he found the poor life rich in blessings and family times which he began to see as more important than closing big deals. Well, yes, the film was a little 'cheesy American' in the sense of the 'God loves you and life is good' syndrome but it did make me realise that our lives are about being faithful to what we are called by God to be rather than worrying about success levels or even how well we do it. I'm determined to give the writing another bash - already got a commission to do - and try and write the novel. This time attempt the historical romance, after all history had always been a passion to mine. And having got a history magazine and online subscription for Christmas I have a place to start from. Historical research and writing here I come in 2012.

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  1. The subject for your historic romance sounds interesting. You have more patience than me, as I don't particularly enjoy research when writing. I cheated with Tea at Sam's as I had been in Mauritius in the '60s and Hong Kong in the 70s and so drew on memories of those far off days. Do enjoy your time in New Zealand. What could be better than travelling and writing! Blessings, Sue