Thursday, 17 November 2011

The ups and downs of life.

Life is hard at present. I wish I were going to the RNA's Winter Party tonight with the other wonderful romantic writers - couldn't however as the last train comes back at about 8pm to the sticks! -but instead am heading up the motorway with Angus to look after his mother. Tomorrow the council comes to install all the various 'gismoes' she needs to survive and someone needs to be there to let them in. Doesn't help that this is at the other end of the country - just short of Scotland however. Then she comes home from the nursing home tomorrow and we just wait... Will life ever be the same for her again? Don't know. Guess somehow with God's help we'll get through. Meanwhile am I writing? Struggling to try and enter a competition which is closing soon and struggling to find time to edit my novella. Try to write everyday? I wish... Still good to look back and remember the good times with her just a month or so ago at Adam's graduation.

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