Monday, 3 October 2011

A little encouragement can go a long way...

After having felt down for a number of weeks due to writer's block and discouragement, children all leaving the nest on a more permanent basis, age and infirmities etc etc I now see the world in a new light. After a great morning of Bible teaching on Saturday morning learning about women in the past and how they handled their problems I felt freshly encouraged. This followed that evening by a cracking party in the most picturesque manor by the lake house. Realised this morning that not only is it good being encouraged but it's even better to share that encouragement which we all so desperately need - encourage one another and build one another up ( I Thess 5 v 11). Good sound Biblical advice. At the end of the day life isn't about being multi-talented, we can't all be like that but just spreading a little love and encouragement where we can. We can all do that.

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