Wednesday, 21 September 2011

No news seems good news.

Trying to be positive at the moment but finding it difficult in these times of recession and joblessness (personal). It seems there is so much to be doing in the world, so much need but I feel as if my hands are tied. All but lost my writing voice and it seems a waste of time to try anyway when there are so good and competent writers and I wonder I'm wondering if it's a valid thing to do anyway. Just met a friend who's husband has cancer, grandmother just died and uncle committed suicide...and I think I have problems! So much need in the world, where to start? Don't feel I can't play my part in some small way. Perhaps I only feel so bad partly because I'm still not over this nasty cold virus. Also see my youngest off to Uni this Saturday and the oldest on his world travels end of October. Life will seem a little desolate... But on the more positive side just seen a fiction competition where they actually assess the entries and tell you if you're any good. Maybe that's worth a try just to see...

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