Thursday, 8 September 2011

Domestic bliss but no writing...

Domestic bliss or domestic drudgery? Most Mums are now breathing a sigh of relief, school holidays are over and writing in earnest can begin again, but not this Mum. This isn't school holidays but Uni holidays, or rather pre and post Uni holidays. Don't get me wrong, I love having both my boys home but the increased feeding, shopping, cleaning and washing has been a bit of a shock to this 'empty nester' more used to sorting her life around the demands of one dog and a 'back late each evening' working husband. Now I find it hard to concentrate or even have the time to concentrate. Instead it's 'hang out another line of washing' feed another friend of one of the boys etc etc. Mind you, can't complain, they'll be gone by the end of the month and life will return once again to it's usual routine avec writing. Hmm, perhaps they'll even give me some inspiration fuel... You never know.

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