Monday, 22 August 2011

Writing blues

I have the writing blues. Don't like what I like and can't see the point anyway. Well, I've been mulling over a friend's misfortune in self-publishing when their book was published prior to the author's agreement and without her permission. She wanted to edit first. She has paid them quite a large sum for just downloading to order and no actual promotion it would seem. But with the major publishers just taking the celebs - largely ghost written at that - or well-established writers what is the place of the newby? Self-publishing now seems to be the only option open and for a large fee and little help anyway. The only hope? That some big established publisher spots you. The market? Open to just about everyone who's now out of work. Difficult and discouraging or what? And such talent out there. I can only write and hope I have a relevant and important message to give and that someone wants to listen.

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