Monday, 8 August 2011

Edit, Edit...

On a spurt at the moment trying to re-edit my novella after my RNA reader. So many things to put right from the character to the plot to the dialogue but I'm trying not to get disheartened because I believe in this book. The subject matter fills a gap in the market and so I press on. Also reading Sophie Page's 'To Marry a Prince', really scrummy. Hard to put down and to get on with anything writing or otherwise. Angus has even threatened to time my reading slots because he keeps finding me snatching just another moment... Oh to write like that. Still useful exercise to read it - this is what I tell myself - then I can go back and update my dialogue which I'm told is rather archiac. It's not quite along the lines of  'verily, verily I prithee' but there are similarities! Might take up history writing next could be my forte.

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